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Questions are good things. They are there to get to know others and to find the common ground with each other, with the people we want to love. Well, I would think that the biggest thing I need to learn is to love myself. I think at least. I like lists, I make lists, mainly about anime and manga that I want to read and watch. And sometimes about American books too. My life does revolve around things that I consume. And I do not know if I am fine with that.

I would like to fancy myself that I like philosophy, but in truth, I like the idea of philosophy. In the sense, philosophy means the love of knowledge, because we cannot know everything. So we need to start with things that we do not know, even though there are many famous figures in philosophy, I do not want to read from them. Because the biggest thing that I do not know if myself. And, as I am right now, I am more interested in filling the emptiness in me, if that makes sense. But I like questions. So, I went out and looked for que…
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The Eyes of Sora - Chapter review [17-21] "All talk, no action"

Continuation of the chapter review. This is turning into quite the reading journal.

[Part 1.]
[Part 2.]

Sadly as we go further, the more confusing things are getting. The author doesn't need to hold your hands, but there are problems when you are getting lost in the sea of explanations and info-dumping. The problem is that everyone here seemingly knows everything and the one who doesn't, meaning Kanghee, who is trying to uncover things is getting the least of the screen time. Because of this, when it comes to the supernatural we, the audience can't really fall in the same step with Sora.

Interestingly, now that I think about it Mushishi had done this a little bit better. There we had followed Ginko, he knew everything but us, the audience wasn't lost. We weren't really held by the hand and eve…

A Boy Who Fishes Dreams - review

Score: 8/10

"This one shot has won 3rd spot of Daewon manhwa contest, and thus the author has a high(er) chance of being employed by Issue magazine." (Source: Sura's Place)

This is a one-shot made by Hannah-hye, serialized in Daiwon in 2012.

☾ The art is a little bit off, I can't really put my hands on it, but the characters are a little bit stiff looking. But this is something that can be accepted from someone who only has one worked credited to them yet - this may be the creator's first work. But there is a lot of potential in them, just by seeing how they are leading the story. The background is actually okay, the scenes are well set.

☾ The story is about two boys who are in employment in an illegal dream recording business. They are giving hope to people whit recording their dreams and playing it back to them via nanotechnology. This is a futuristic technology that was banned because of criminals using it to blackmail people, which I can see happening even though…

Sharpen Blade [app game][review]

Sharpen Blade was made by ZPLAY Games and it is an actually quite good and cute game. It is addicting, even though it is hard to talk about it or to give a proper review of it. The basic idea to it is that you are a blacksmith making weapons. You are making the same time of four weapons and then a key to unlock a treasure chest. The levels are usually bulked into fives, meaning that you go through four levels between keys, every key is the fifth in line. This gives a good structure to the game.

It is easy to manage and making the swords is not frustrating. I would say that it is a little bit too easy seeing the costumers' threshold lever. I am usually used to a higher one, but I only had played through 50 levels, like I usually do. For that 50 levels, keeping the threshold there is a good decision, but I hadn't seen any change in difficulty as the game progresses.

Rating: ★★★★☆

All in all, it is a well put together game that I can recommend. The buzzing does make my hand go numb …

Chores! - Spring into Cleaning [app game review]

Rate: ★★★☆☆

This game was made by Lion Studios and it is a beautiful game, the 3D graphics are really good. The problem that sometimes it is hard to control and get the game to do what you want to do. But it is easy to get bored off it. As it stands now it is a game that is in the middle, and it is hard to recommend. I think that giving it a try never bothered anyone, however, the ads can be troublesome. It is not well implemented and it often feels like I am watching more apps than I am playing the game.

There are no levels, you do three yours then get paid. You need money for your bedroom (which is a great way to abuse your children, strip their room bare and made them work for their furniture, I would have made the kid spend money on things that children are interested in: candy, toys, comics, games, etc.). Before you can start, you need to watch an ad, then between each game, there is another ad, and you can multiply what you earn if you beg your mother and watch another ad. That is…

Domino Smash [app game review] (*  ̄︿ ̄)~Meh...

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

This game was meant to be relaxing, but it ends up boring me in a sense. There is no problem with the advertisement, I, however, felt other parts of the game implemented in really gimmicky and only being in the game because other games have it as well. Like collecting keys and getting to unlock new skins. There is no such need in this kind of game, or if it is, then it was implemented badly. You make one move per game, starting the ball, there is no other interaction and I am fine with that, that's what I had come for. It is nice to see bonus content, but it doesn't work here, sadly.

It was made by Gismart.

To be fair, I only had played it up until level 25.

I can't recommend this app to others.

Kawaii Home Design - Decor & Fashion Game - sneak peek review

Kawaii Home Design - Decor & Fashion Game is made by ONESOFT.

I only played the tutorial, and I can see that this is a highly rated game, however, it is simply not for me. This game is not that beginner-friendly, and when it comes to making the rooms, there aren't that many chances to get started. The tutorial takes you on a spin, and it explains a lot of things, however, I can be really frustrating and fast.

However, I won't leave a star review on this one, at least not on their page, I don't want to pull it down when I don't feel that my review would be useful, or my rating would be fair. I think that people who understand it and like it can enjoy it. There is content here, and I can recommend it.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆